SEO Techniques That Can Lead To Google Penalty


All businesses who want to stamp their presence online want their website to be ranked at the top in google search engine. digital marketing agency edinburgh, use many techniques so that your business gets the highest SERP rankings. But there are some methods which can land you in trouble. SEO is evolving fast and what was efficient and acceptable earlier may not be appropriate today say experts at The problem with not being updated with the latest is that your website can be blacklisted and you might have to pay a Google penalty also. Once you are penalized, your business may not be able to recover from this as the competition is stiff. Not many people are aware of the SEO mistakes they are making, so below is a list of such errors that can land you a Google penalty if used.

Keyword stuffing: Optimizing keywords and keyword research is the most critical aspect of SEO. By using the proper keywords and placing them at the right place, you will be able to get your website a better SERP ranking. But a word of caution here is that keyword stuffing is something that should not be used as that could lead to Google penalty.
Keyword density was an important consideration previously, but not anymore. If your website content has irrelevant keywords to maintain keyword density google notices it and can term your content as spam. When unwanted and irrelevant content is available on your website just to get ranked higher, it leads to lousy UI experience and would attract a penalty. Instead of stuffing keywords, relevant content with appropriate keyword usage can give you better results.

Low on content: Blogs that are less than 1000 words are termed as shallow or thin content blogs. That may vary depending on the type of industry, but this is the norm. Google is looking at content which has depth, and a blog with more than 1000 words will be more likely to be shown rather than a blog with 300 words even if you did all other kinds of organic marketing methods, so content marketing is essential with blogs which are detailed and in depth.

Atypical links to and from your website: Links which are used to change the website’s ranking on the PageRank in search results may be considered unnatural links or links that are not typical of your website. These links to your site can cause your site to be penalized as Google thinks you have planted them. The reverse of unnatural links from your site to another website will also mean you have to pay the penalty as you are selling links.
Internal linking is allowed but it should be organic and should not be only to improve your PageRank. These internal links should lead to relevant web pages with useful information on the topic.
Cloaking: This is a technique which shows a different version of the website than the one the user views. The consequence of cloaking to manipulating rankings is an offense which can attract a complete ban on your site.

Tips For Successful Meeting With A SEO Consultant

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SEO professionals act as a platform for both the website owners who want their website to achieve higher rank and the search engines. Being a business owner, you don’t have a complete knowledge on optimize your webpage. You need to hire a SEO professional to list your websites in the top of the search result. There are various SEO companies available in any city. You must be very careful in selecting the best SEO consultancy in London.

You just know few things about SEO before meeting a SEO professional. It is tough to evaluate if the SEO professional is worth to optimize your website with zero knowledge in SEO.

Before fixing a meeting with an SEO consultant, you need to research your competitor’s website thoroughly to find out what features your competitors have included in their website for achieving traffic and what features you want in your website. Your competitor website may contain attractive photos, catchy templates, more images and videos of the product than your website.

You should be clear in your idea about what you want in your website, how to improve your website traffic and the methods to convert the traffic into potential buyers. You should not hire the first SEO consultant you meet. You must spend enough time in researching the best SEO consultant. To achieve better results, you can achieve an experienced SEO consultant and never consider the one who have bad reputation in the market.

You must also have the knowledge of SEO price quote in the market otherwise it is easy for the consultant to cheat you easily by demanding higher price. You must ensure whether the cost of their service includes overall designing cost, maintenance and optimization of your website for long run. You should learn some basic keywords, terms and technologies in SEO so that the SEO consultant respects you more.


Reasons why you should consider hiring an SEO company

One of the main intentions of owning a website is so that you can have an opportunity to share with the world what you do. Due to the demand to be visible, people and organizations have gone a step ahead in creating different websites to realize this objective. In as much as this is the case, one of the major concerns when developing a website is about visibility. Online visibility revolves around website rankings in major search engines. The high number of websites oftentimes makes it difficult to obtain good rankings in search engines. This is why it is important to ensure that your website is well optimized.

Optimization involves using specific phrases and words in that can give the website a higher ranking. Even though some website owners opt to do SEO on their own, it is quite hectic and arduous. The nature of SEO requires high level of competence and experience since it is quite complex.


In essence, many benefits come with hiring Boston SEO Firm Services. The most common benefit is the fact that your website will get better position in major search engines. This is a critical aspect because it will ensure that your website attracts traffic. Most internet users find it easy to access high-ranking pages as opposed to low ranking sites.

Secondly, professional SEO service providing companies will always make work easy for you. Instead of burning the midnight oil trying to figure out the right keywords and phrases, these professionals will create time for to do other important things. In addition, you can gain critical and insights skills when you work with the SEO professionals.

It is important to note that hiring SEO companies is making an investment decision for your website. In the end, your website will benefit from quality services by the professional SEO companies.

SEO Mississauga


Link Building And Its Role In SEO
Search engine optimization is a very commonly used type of online marketing that can create more awareness about your website and more people come and visit it every day. Any business can have an online presence and the only way to boost the performance is by using the services of an SEO. There are so many marketing companies in this world and if you are residing in Mississauga, then SEO Mississauga is what you need to look out for. There are so many websites available in the World Wide Web and to make your website be noticed will be quite a challenge without the services of an SEO.

Most people who are looking for any specific kind of services or products would first go in for any online search to look for it. When the search results are displayed almost three fourths of people find their requirement in the first page of the search results and do not even view the second page. The role of an SEO is to optimize your website in such a way that it appears in the first page of any such online search so that there is maximum visibility to the website.

There are so many online companies that offer SEO services and it is always best to choose a Local SEO company in Toronto so that they can help you in catering to the needs and requirements of people in the local market. A good SEO company would surely generate more traffic to your website and the results would be very obvious. One advantage of having an online presence is that you can sell products and services to your customers without having to spend much money. Another advantage is that you can build customer network all around the globe and not restrict it only to a particular section of people.


Is SEO Still Important?

Many of Google’s recent algorithm updates have led companies to wonder if SEO is still important or not. In fact, some SEO experts have gone so far as to say that SEO is dead and irrelevant. However, this is not actually the case. The fact is that while some SEO tactics are no longer effective (or may even be downright counterproductive) SEO in itself is not dead. Following are just a few of the many aspects of search engine optimization that are alive, well and vital to the success of your website.


Keyword Selection and Optimization


Google determines your rank for certain keywords based in large part on whether or not these keywords are found on your website and if so, where. If you want a high ranking for a keyword such as “cheap shoes San Antonio”, for example, this keyword should be placed in the header, footer, sub-headings and other key areas of your site.


Link Building


Links from high ranking, relevant websites are still invaluable and almost certain to boost your site’s ranking. The key is to make sure your link building campaign looks entirely natural in Google’s eyes. You do this by not creating too many inbound links at once and ensuring that the links come from various types of sites, i.e. news sites, social media sites, blogs, press release sites, etc.


On-site and off-site optimization is vital to the success of any website, as it enables potential customers to find your site more easily than would have otherwise been possible. Thankfully, those who are busy running, maintaining and expanding their business can work with professional SEO agencies such as City Wide SEO Services. Working with professionals in this field will ensure that your site is fully optimized at all times and enable you to reach many more people than you would have without good SEO.