Latest Trends In The SEO Industry

seo-planningAny industry is constantly changing and the world of SEO is not an exception. There are many new trends and technologies that keep coming up and you have to know them so that you are not left behind. Google also keeps changing its search algorithms every year and it is very difficult sometimes to make sure that the company’s website remains on top in spite of the changes. Its not as difficult as it seems provided you know the right techniques. The key is to make Google understand the content, keywords and the kind of services or products your clients are offering. There are many companies and SEO Firm based in New Orleans that can take care of this for you. When you choose your firm, as per the article in the website remember marketing is not the same as SEO. Therefore, think well before choosing the SEO firm.

The predictions that Google gives when you type a search word is not simple. There is tricky mechanism behind it that decides what suggestions it must give. In 2016, one of the many trends that ruled are the use of mobile optimization for your websites. Many people are looking up or information from their phones than using their computers. Apart from this, social media has also played a major role in dominating the SEO industry. More users today turn to social media websites such as Facebook, YouTube for ay products and their reviews. Here are the technologies that look about good in the year 2017. The faster you adopt. The better your ranking would be.

Computer That Can Think
Artificial intelligence has been around the corner for quite some time. Google had launched its artificial intelligence system called RankBrain which changed the way SEO was functioning. It is used in Google’s algorithm interprets almost human like search results. This is definitely a step forward. RankBrain can understand what users are trying to search for into the search box and then provide results accordingly. Even if the users are not sure about what they are typing, RankBrain can provide suggestions.

Location Tagging
Pokémon Go has been a rage of late. Think about the kind of impact this has in general. For the past few years, Google has been updating its search engine algorithms often. There also other new products such as Google+ Local and Google My Business which caters to the local population. So far, this has not worked well and it has been e herculean task to understand the way they work. With Pokémon GO, local marketing and location tagging has become very easy. It is about aligning the mobile searches with the search results. This will sort out the issues with geo-location tagging and produce results that is more in sync with the user’s location.

Voice Search
It is estimated that more than 20% of the queries are now via the mobile app using voice searches. The many voice search options such as Google Voice Search, Siri, and Cortana are encouraging users to do all their searches by voice commands.