Easy Ways To Speed Up Your WP Website

Speed Up Your WP Website

Undoubtedly, WordPress (WP) is considered to be a wonderful platform but suffers slightly from its slower speed. Hence website owners need to take some precautions as stated by the popular wp speed optimization guide by Bit Pak in order to prevent the website from becoming sluggish. The experts at the website businesszone.co.uk, say that such a hassle can result in less traffic and even reduce the chances of getting new prospects.

In this short article, an attempt has been made to educate the website owners on how to increase the speed of WP website. Here, one should remember the fact that the aspect of the speed of downloading time really matters for the first time visitors. According to experts, even a two second delay time of loading of websites can cause around four percent reduction in customer satisfaction. When ignored, this slip can create a cascading effect on the bottom-line of the business. More importantly, the search engine giant Google has included website speed in its algorithm ranking. This clearly indicates that the speed of the websites has a direct impact on Search Engine optimization. Hence a slower website can cause a twin effect namely losing the prospects as well reduction in search engine rankings.

How To Fix The Slower Speed Of WP Website?
Slower downloading occurs due to various reasons in all the websites including the famous WP website. However, it is not the end of the road as many solutions are available to the website owners. For the benefit of the readers and the concerned individuals, some of the time-tested solutions are listed below. It should be noted that these reasons are not listed in accordance with any criteria or by any importance. Using some of the suggestion mentioned here can surely enhance the speed of your WP website. Read on to know these reasons:

· Select a good hosting service
This tip will surely work in a long way in keeping your website’s speed with great consistency. Things like shared hosting can cause some issues of speed over a period of time due to overload. Look for the WP Engine managed WordPress hosting for the best results. Take inputs from the persons who have learned these issues in a hard way.

· Select a solid theme or framework
Do not be fascinated with themes that have a variety of features and every unwanted feature can be made as a stumbling block for the speed of the websites. Thesis Theme Framework is said to be a better one as per the experts and users. Hence go for this framework

· Use Content Delivery network (CDN)
This is a unique suggestion that can help the online marketers who use large blogs. The CDN takes all your static files and lets your visitors download them. Here the usage of Max CDN Content Delivery Network is strongly recommended in order to keep the right speed of your WP website.

· Optimize the images
Use the image optimizer Smush that reduces the image size without compromising the quality.